This is a first-time campaign for 4E D&D.

4E Core Assumptions:
  • The World is a Fantastic Place – True, the scope should cover actual nations (because I think politics can be interesting), but the flavor of fantastic D&D should abound.
  • The World is Ancient – True, the world has seen the rise and fall of nations and empires.
  • The World is Mysterious – True, while there are actual nations in this world, they are only barely able to hold their lands and many forgotten ruins and other places adorn the countryside.
  • Monsters are Everywhere – Also true. Every nation is assaulted by a plague of local menaces. The only real difference here should be that human(oid) menaces are also rather commonplace.
  • Adventurers are Exceptional – True. There are no grand NPCs who will be rushing to the PCs rescue.
  • The Civilized Races Band Together – Races are not necessarily all friendly. Different nations have different outlooks and different opinions, but since each nation is largely separated by bubbles of evil, they should not be in direct conflict so there should be no conflict.
  • Magic is not Everyday, but is Natural – Magic users and societies (and schools) do exist, but most people have no magical ability.
  • Gods and Primordials Shaped the World – This bears further investigation. Using current cosmology, I think that ArchFey, Gods, Primordials, Primal Spirits, ArchShadows, and creatures from the Far Realm should each play a role in the creation of the world. This part will need to be more heavily mapped out, but is really only academically interesting.
  • Gods are Distant – True, dealing with any arch-planar beings is more of a quandry for epic-level characters